“How to Sell Value in a Tough Market”

Instructor: Mick Frank with CambriaUSA

The marketplace is always looking for a great product at the “best” price.  Your competition  may also be offering products at an attractive price so discounting will not keep you in the game for long. What will influence your customer is selling VALUE.  Selling value, not price, involves a balance of confidence, personal rapport, and doing your homework.

The program agenda includes:

  • Introduction to selling value
  • Discover what differentiates you from your competitors
  • Learn how to create a sales process around your company benefits which will result in higher margins to your company and more sales to you
  • Tips from this fast pace workshop will help you build value-added skills that you can put to use right away and make your company stand out.

Instructor  – MICK FRANK is a graduate of Carleton College and has a law degree from William Mitchell College of law. He was a business owner for 18 years and is now Manager of Business Development in the Core City Markets with Cambria.  The tools and techniques Mick will share will be something you can apply to any part of your business.